Action Against Bullying

Top quality training in Anti-Bullying based in New York, USA.

Action Against Bullying, LLC consists of top quality training in anti-bullying from a specialist in the academic as well as consulting field.  A New York City Public School contract vendor and DASA and SAVE certified, Action Against Bullying LLC, provides effective bullying prevention training that incorporates the latest research and easily applicable to all US schools.


Action Against Bullying



Web Design
Web Development
Logo Design
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Logo Design

We received the color scheme instructions from the client to be White and Blue. Knowing bullying is a sensitive subject and can affect mental health Kelvin Design decided to go with light sky blue color which reflects stress free happy life style. Once the suggestion was provided to the client, client was very happy with the design of the logo.

Web Design

Action against bullying website was designed with the WordPress based design which allowed Client to update and carry out changes to the website regularly.

Tablet Design

Website was tested and designed for maximum user experience and accessibility. Covering Mobile, Tablet and Desktop versions.