Kelvin Design was founded in Glasgow as a digital agency.

While we still provide traditional and digital marketing, our design and brand strategy services have evolved to challenge the traditional rift between advertising and design, digital and traditional, art and commerce, creativity and business.

Our approach

We approach every project with passion and dedication, applying meticulous detail, skill and craftsmanship to every stage of our design and strategic process. This tailored approach is driven by our clients aspirations and business objectives, allowing us to reduce the superfluous and deliver functional, enduring and effective design solutions. Our approach is informed by a combination of explorative and instinctive techniques coupled with sound strategic thinking. This contrasting perspective enables us to create consistent and measurable results whilst ensuring our work is well balanced and fit for purpose.

What we do

We create contemporary brand identities, packaging solutions and digital experiences for a diverse range of premium brands, ranging from boutique start-ups to global businesses. Our minimal, reductive style of design allows clients to create clarity and transform their brands into powerful cross-cultural assets. This global appeal has lead us to work with discerning clients across a wide range of sectors and geographic locations. We currently work with organisations in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Beijing and Melbourne who continue to collaborate with us to deliver their creative and strategic ambitions.

Our Services

Web Design


In this day and age all companies big and small need a website in order to make their presence known in the market. We create easy to navigate websites, be this e-commerce, a website with a booking system or just a simple website showcasing a service. We also design bespoke websites tailored to each client’s individual needs and taste.

Digital Marketing


We provide Search Engine Optimization services and social media marketing services to make sure your product and service is easy to discover for potential clients / customers on the internet and to capture and convert your target audience. We can create content to help you maximise your growth on social media.



We build brands. From creating logos for businesses, websites, gift boxes, flyers, leaflets, posters, business cards to digital branding for use on social media. If you are a new start up or an already established business, we can design and develop every aspect of your brand including rejuvenating existing branding.



Armed with the latest technology, we bring your designs to life and create websites for the future. We develop your sites with the industry’s best content management systems which provide the best user experience.

Support + Hosting


Your digital experience should be: fast, functional and always on. We also provide you with support and hosting packages were we will monitor your websites performance around clock ensuring full-time uptime and scalability. We are available around the clock for any technical support needed.


Photo & Videography


We provide professional photography and videography services. Whether you need a video intro for your website / business / shop / restaurant or for social media, or need a professional photo taken of your products we know how to target your audience.